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I love:

NaruluvHina Pixel :O by saru-hina


My fav Art :D:iconfav3dplz:


Apologize for Reika by the88cherryice
Apologize for Reika
You know what? I guess I ship them. A LOT! Watch your back Kazemaru, you'll be replaced ewe (ok no xD)

Sooo another thing for me to move on and "live my fun life as a girl that draws her OC with Kazemaru as a hobbie".

For a long long time ago I used to hate Reika for no reason, just because she blinked to Kazemaru at the game. I mean...Dude...I was so f***ing stupid! I mean, duh! She hasn't even blinked to him for a romantic reason! It was to distract him for Rika's team win the game. And even if it was for romantic reasons, it's no reason for me to hate her!

We must stop with this stupid hate on a character just because of a couple, if you're gonna hate a character, at least have good reasons. I can say it for myself.

Sooo a cute draw to "Apologize" for that character :3

Art by Me
Reika by Inazuma Eleven



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Soo I'm here again to apologize for my worst errors in the past.

Some time ago, people are claiming that I am racist because I've used the term "gring" to refer to a person here in dA. (if you're the person and you're reading this, please continue reading).

Well, I'll explain some things:

1 - Here in Brasil, "gring" is a term that we use to refer to a person from other country. Instead of saying "this guy is japanese/american/canadian", we say that he's gring.

"But why don't you just say that he's japanese/american/canadian instead of gring?"

That takes me to number two:

2 - I'll be very honest with you: Brasil has the fame of "The best place in the world" or "The happiest place in Earth, where prejudice is unacceptable" but it's a lie. Here's a country where you suffer a lot of prejudice if you are: woman, poor, if you are from another ethnic, gay, lesbian, transsexual, bissexual, transgender, pansexual, asexual and even if you are from another religion that's not catholic or protestant/evangelical, or even if you haven't any religion. So, here I prefer to say "gring", because this way, someone from other country will not suffer prejudice.


Me: #1 guy is American, #2 is Japanese and #3 is Canadian.
Other: Really? So #1 thinks he's the best, #2 eats a lot of rice and #3 eats a lot of bacon.

Me: These guys are grings.
Other: Nice.

Understood? That's why I use gring.

3 - I don't know if "gring" means something offensive in your country, but if it is, I am so sorry. I didn't wanted to offend you, it's just something that's very normal where I'm from. I hope the prejudice ends soon, but while it keeps, I'll use "gring"

That's all. Thank you.


SOUTH PARK IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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Current Residence: Andradina-São Paulo-Brazil
Favourite genre of music: International
Favourite style of art: manga
Favourite cartoon character: various,,Haruhi Suzumyia,Konata Izumy, Hinata Hyuuga, Saint Seiya, Rena(Higurashi)

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